The power of ‘now’.

Have you ever had everything you thought you needed to have a great time, but something still felt a little ‘off ‘? When that happens to us, we often try to think of something that’ll make us feel really good. That ‘something’ often being an event in the future we might be looking forward to. Something that sparks our head and makes our heart beat a little faster.

Can’t you see what's happening? You are trying to feel truly happy in a moment without actually living in it.

But why this emptiness? How come we feel this way when there is nothing wrong?

I will attempt to answer. During our daily life, we get stuck in situations that generate a need for an urgent getaway. And what’s a better getaway than something to look forward to? Something like we said before, to spark your head and make your heart run fast. Eventually, this becomes a habit and your brain, clever as it is, sets it as a default reaction. It’s like we are always asking for more…

What we forget is that the moments in which we feel truly happy and fulfilled are the moments in which we are fully present. Those moments that one can easily describe to you all the sensations around them, the harmonies of the wind, or the trees dancing in the sky.

So how do we manage to enjoy ourselves to the maximum sometimes, while others not?

Well, I have realized that the moments I feel so free and so alive are the moments in which I am fully immersed in. When you share your experiences with the someone, when you connect to other people, when you are laughing so truly, everything around you seems to have ceased to exist. In those moments, you need nothing to think about, nothing to look forward to. All your senses, all your energy, and essentially all of you are there. Living the now. Enjoying it.

What I try to pass on to you is that whenever you find yourself feeling that something is missing try taking a step back. Try to literally imagine seeing yourself from the eyes of an imaginary Genie; get out of your head and look at this moment from outside. Or maybe, think of it as if you're standing on a drone. Then, look at the beautiful moment you are living. Even if it’s a hard one, look carefully. You are alive. Once you master the skill of absorbing what being alive really means, you will be free.

You are here right now. And this is all that matters.

When your brain, in default state makes you feel like there is something missing, change the way it operates. Simply get out of your head and into the drone. Look, understand, and feel the moment. Observe the details and observe the interactions with the people around you. If you are alone, simply observe the way that your body is interacting with everything around you. Let it all sink in, and let it all sink out. Then repeat.

If after this you still feel that something is wrong, then let your ‘conscious self’ make the decision of whether or not you need to make a change, maybe leave form where you are, or simply change your state, move your body — as Tony Robbins says. Do whatever works for you. Slowly you will identify that the feeling of looking forward to something is truly healthy when it happens consciously and only if you stop using it as a getaway for never being satisfied with the now. Don’t let your mind trick you into anything.

Life is way too short and beautiful for you to be wasting the now, and living happily in the future. The future is not promised.

Live in the now truly and freely and see how it transforms your life!



Just a Psychology student, writing about what I love the most!

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