How does our state affect our decisions?

Yesterday I was watching Tony Robbin’s comeback challenge. A seminar online, in which he went live a few hours every day for a week, and coached people how to change transform their lives.

I always had trouble feeling completely free in front of other people when it comes to the way I move, and express myself through vulnerable and sometimes ‘stupid’ moves. For some reason, I always seem to care how the way I move will be perceived by others. But this is a sad way to live our beautiful lives.

Tony Robbins is a firm believer in the concept that our physiology can change our emotional state at any time. The way you move, or stand, or sit, can affect the way you feel and the way you perceive the world at that given moment.

It might seem a bit weird at first but try it.

Stand up, and look up at the ceiling or the sky, or whatever is above you. Look up and smile as if there is a baby smiling back at you. Do this for a minute or so… And let me know how you feel.

Also, our physiology can be our enemy. Physiology can make you go into a negative state as well. If you are sitting down, your eyes facing your feet, your hand on your head, leaning on a desk, you are probably experiencing a terrible headache, or you are bored out of your mind… when you catch your body slumping down, or shrinking; you should be conscious that at that moment your mind is probably in control — in a negative way.

In those moments though, what can you do to turn this around?

Move around. Energize yourself. Get up and dance, with music or without. Whatever. Just dance. Stand up and scream your head off. Smile and stretch your body, smile and laugh out loud… Change your body fast, and you will be able to change the stream of unpleasant thoughts and emotions!

When it comes to decisions, a state of ‘shrinking’ can drive you into a decision you might dread later. If however, you are at a peak state, where you are driven by love and gratitude, by positive emotions and emotional strength, the little tiger within you tells you that you can do anything you set your mind to. At those moments, you are more likely to take a courageous decision. One, that if, and only if, followed by action, will possibly lead you to a better life.

So, I guess, before taking a serious decision, get some time to get in ‘state’ first. Energize you. Feel empowered. Let your body overflow with love, and then you might be able to see all the countless possibilities that lay in front of you…



Just a Psychology student, writing about what I love the most!

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